How do  I write an anonymous post on the MIJ Facebook wall?

If you would like your question or comment posted anonymously you can either visit the facebook page and message the admin through the page using the ‘message’ button or email here. Please state that you want it posting Anon, followed by your post. Thanks!


I am looking for childcare, can you help?

We have a childcare and work post on the facebook page every Wednesday, where you can add your request for childcare. You can also check out the ‘jobs’ section in the classifieds if you are looking for a baby sitter. However, the best place to look for childcare is on the Jersey Childcare Trust website or the Jersey Association of Child Carers, as all the child care facilities and carers will be properly qualified and registered. Specific posts requesting child care are not likely to be re-posted.


Why has my question not been re-posted?

There are several reasons your question may not have been re-posted. Here are some possibilities:

  • I haven’t seen your post yet, or had time to re-post it. I have 2 small children at home and am not always at the computer. I will more than likely get around to checking all the emails and posts after bedtime, if not before. 🙂
  • Someone has just posted a very similar query. The MIJ page is very busy and often duplicate questions are asked very close together, its always worth scrolling down the page a bit to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Your question is not family/parenting/child related. We try to keep MIJ very specific to these 3 topics and related areas, if you are asking about something else we probably won’t repost it. There are lots of other great facebook groups and pages which can probably answer your question. Try Secret Jersey for general Jersey related enquiries.
  • Your post is advertising something. We don’t post classifieds on the facebook page. We have a Things for Sale thread on Thursdays, and free classifieds here. If you want to advertise a business you can check out our advertising pages here.
  • Something else…There may be other specific reasons your post has not been posted. Ultimately we reserve the right not to post anything at our discretion in order to keep the page as useful and pleasant as possible.


I have just started a new business, can you help me advertise it?

As Mums in Jersey has grown so substantially we now offer paid advertising packages. You can find out about them here. We also accept some products or services in return for review. We may post a recommendation to a business, product or service if we believe in it, or believe it to benefit the MIJ community, this is at our discretion.


How do you help charities?

We try to support Jersey charities wherever possible, especially those that are related to families. This comes in the form of promoting fundraisers, events, etc or raising awareness of causes. We occasionally hold events where we raise money for charities. We will also happily accept written features on charities for the website. Please email us if you think we can help with your cause.