Amazing Opportunity for Local Businesses

The Mums in Jersey community is about to hit SEVEN THOUSAND strong! I am so so excited about this!
Mums in Jersey is not just a Facebook page; it is a massive, supportive community of parents that genuinely want to help each other, and that is rare in these times! It is a place to find and give support, ideas, advice and answers, and to make friends, meet new people, find new places to go and things to do with our families!

Mums in Jersey is full of engaged parents looking for, and giving so many different things! I am so proud of it, and I want to celebrate!! And that’s where you, you wonderful local businesses come in!

We are going to be hosting an amazing week of giveaways and competitions from local businesses with a Lucky Number 7 theme!

We already have a great group of local businesses lined up, but we want more more more !
It is fantastic advertising for you; giving you loads of publicity to a fully engaged audience, plus if you are offering a product or trial as your giveaway you are getting your business right into the hands of your target customers!

The last bonus to this opportunity, is that 25% of the proceeds from this campaign is going to go straight to a Jersey Charity (yet to be decided)!

If you want to be a part of this Lucky Number Seven campaign please get in touch, to book your space!

More details coming soon!