Mums in Jersey started in January 2011 as a facebook page for parents and carers in Jersey (Channel Islands) to connect, share, support and meet each other. It now has almost 4000 followers and is a bustling page full of discussion, debates, ideas, information and lots of other useful stuff for families in Jersey. The website was created in November 2011 to compliment the facebook page, providing a constant, less transient, source of information.



Mums in Jersey reaches over 3500 parents daily on facebook, and we have around 7500 unique visitors a month to the websites. Advertising through Mums in Jersey has been highly successful for many local businesses. You can find out more on our Advertising page or if you would like to discuss advertising options further please email Katherine@mumsinjersey.co.uk


Who We Are

Mums in Jersey was created and is run by Katherine – a mum of 2, who has lived in Jersey with her partner for 4.5 years. She is a work-at-home mum who believes in natural and attachment parenting, supports breastfeeding, safe co-sleeping and baby wearing, and in her occasional spare time enjoys design, photography, painting, writing, reading and spending time with friends and family.

In addition to MiJ Katherine writes Creative Playhouse; a children’s activity website, and manages Mummyology; a collaborative parenting blog.



We welcome comments, feedback and enquiries.
You can email katherine@mumsinjersey.co.uk

You can call 01534 730896 (please leave a message)
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